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Current production time: 2 weeks

About Leather

All leather goods are made with full grain vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather is a type of leather made using natural materials from plants. Vegetable tanning method is notably better for the environment compared to chrome tanning because it does not use harsh chemicals. Also no animal is killed for its skin. Due to the natural tanning method, the leather will get scratches easily and become softer and rich color over time.

Since every cow has different skin like us, there are may have inconsistent texture, dark spots, bug bites scar, scratches, wrinkles or irregular color tone and it is not a defect.  

Due to the leather thickness, there is leather that is available on only for outside or inside. Leather stock varies from time to time and leather thickness will be different depending on the leather type and batch. If you cannot choose the leather combination you want on the product options or want to know other leather variation, please contact me  first before placing order.